2015 infiniti qx 80

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    Gordon WalkerGordon Walker

      Just done the timing chains and cam lobe and hpfp and low pressure fule pump new vvt solenoid new up stream 02 sensors. And it will start sometimes and idle fluctuate. Did a rest and let it learn its self and it idle great for 30 mins could also hit the gas and get full rpms .when I went to take it for a test drive hit 30 mps and it just dies out .and then when I get it to start back up it would run but sputter while giving it gas no codes have have appeared but cylinder 8 miss fire and multiple cylinder miss fire .could it be a intake leak ? Or pcv valve? And the battery seemed to be weak could the alt be bad and cause this as well ? I’ve also replaced with a new mass airflow sensor. And still doing it sometimes it cranks but no start ?

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      Rahul JonesRahul Jones

        I would suggest checking few things like fuel pressure at the fuel rails, smoke testing for vacuum leak and doing a live data monitoring on the OBD tool to see the values are within the required range. Bad PCV valve can also cause the same effect as vacuum leak. Bad battery can cause weak starting but once started it should run fine if the charging system is functioning properly.

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