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      the rav4 is a 94k now but ive noticed something new recently the other day. it failed to keep running after i cranked it when the temp gauge read cold. so i waited 30 seconds pumped the gas and restarted it it turned over with no issue then i slightly revved the motor again and it responded fine. im not sure why it acted up at first maybe some odd or bad mixture happpend when i first turned it on. also when i was on the road i noticed it stumbled when changing from 3rd gear to 4th and when at idle after it warmed up it smelled a little of oil. im hoping it not using or burning oil more than i stated in my prevuous post. as of the exhaust issue ive noticed some rust inside the tailpipe but none elsewhere on the exhaust. is this a sign of more issue im not aware of or just poor or unburned oil or other fumes?

      all else is well and i read that it needs sparkplugs and some new transmission fluid soon. so far since owning it no check engine light. im hoping it lasts at least another 90k

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