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2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid – Check Hybrid System

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    Gabby AbramsGabby Abrams

      Has anyone heard of this issue? My car out of the blue started showing a big flashing “check hybrid system” alert. Each time this happened, it showed my hybrid battery was at zero. I had to turn the car off and on again, then slowly recharge the battery while driving.

      It started last Tuesday. On Monday I took my car in for its 8000 mile service and got the most recent software update. The very next day this alert happened, and occurred 3 times in 24hours.
      – The first time it happened when my car was coming off of cold and had been parked for 1.5hrs (after a morning of driving). It happened before I even left the flat parking lot.
      – The second time it happened after 30 minutes of driving, and while I was on the highway and going up a hill.
      – The third time it sat overnight, then occurred again after 10 minutes of driving on local roads, and once again going up a hill.

      This issue never happened before I brought it in for maintenance and the software update. My car is less than a year old and only has 9k miles on it. Hoping someone on here has seen or heard of this before!


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