4th Gen TL acceleration issues.

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    Rod SandriniRod Sandrini


      After years of watching you I am unable to find anything relates to a problem with my TL. Acceleration from 3rd gear (most noticeable) is poor up to 3000 RPM when the car jolts forward and accelerates as it should.

      Replaced O2 sensors, air filter, coil packs, iridium plugs, cleaned the body, removed and cleaned the injectors, MAF sensor. I checked the cats with a light and they are not clogged at all. I have used mobil 1 synthetic since new and I change it every time the car tells me to.

      I found a bit of oil in the plenum but your videos shows that’s nothing to worry about.

      The engine does not have a single oil leak anywhere, except for the oil plug which I’ll change – promise.

      The engine is better with these changes but the symptom is still there.

      Scenario: I get to Frontage road towards the exit ramp to the highway. I make a right turn in 2nd gear at around 30 miles an hour; foot fixed on the pedal and the car struggles until 3000 RPM than opens up like a rocket.

      What the heck could it be? My scanner shows 0 codes.

      Forums tell me to check APP, IAT….I am like, why would that interfere just at that RPM.

      Car has 161k and My transmission drain and refills are done on a schedule! Could it be the culprit at that (highway only) mileage?

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      Rahul JonesRahul Jones

        A vacuum leak or a clogged cat can cause that. I would suggest checking for a vacuum leak first if nothing then do a pre-cat and post-cat temperature comparison test.

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