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90 Honda Civic 1.5L 5 Speed D15B2 extremely high idle

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    William McCaffertyWilliam McCafferty

      I thought I had snapped the timing belt, but didn’t, so I went to put it back on the road.
      I adjusted the valves, and replaced the distributor (TD01U) with a new unit.
      Start it up, and it acts like I have it near floored with a near earth orbit speed. At least 5,000 RPM.
      Verified everything was reconnected. No cracked vacuum lines, all in place. For grins, I measured the resistance on the throttle angle sensor, and it’s in spec according to Haynes.
      The ECU blinks once on key on. No CEL.

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        Check the fast idle valve on the back of the intake.

        Also, I don’t recommend replacing Honda distributors with aftermarket units. I’ve seen nothing but issues with those over the years.

        Additional information on solving idle problems here:

        Good hunting and please keep us posted.

        William McCaffertyWilliam McCafferty

          Ok, sorry for the delay, but I’m far from a teenager.
          This car has, for lack of a better term, two vacuum solenoids. The one on the side seems to be intended to do something with the throttle plate, but doesn’t. The other is on the back, and seems to open an air passage, which makes no sense, as it wouldn’t be filtered.
          I checked the condition of the throttle plate, and it isn’t bad. Neither the air filter.
          I disconnected the vacuum line on the rear one, and no change, nor was there vacuum on the line. I’ll try activating it manually and see if that effects any change.
          Dual Point Fuel Injection. Might be a mid year, no idea but the intake/throttle body is quite different from your vid.
          I did a reset on the ECU, ad the idle dropped to 2-3K.
          I do miss the points/condenser, carb days.

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