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95 Buick Lesabre GM3800 Version 1 Engine – Low Fuel Pressure

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    I’ve been working on a 95 Lesabre for the past few months. Car has 51k mile on it. Starts and runs pretty good, but idles rough sometimes, stall sometimes and had hard misses between 30 and 35 sometimes. Terrible gass mileage. Replaced the crank shaft sensor, resplaced coil packs, plugs and wires. replaced the upper and lower intake manifolds. replaced termostat, collant temp sensor. Still had low fuel pressue, so resplaced injectors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter and fuel pump. Has same low fuel pressure as before repairs. 38 PSI at rest and 32 PSI with engine running. I’ve looked for vacuum leaks and replaced all vaccum lines. Want to address the fuel pressure issue before moving on to other issues. I’ve cheked the fuel lines, connecters, etc. Don’t see anything that looks like a problem. Any thoughts or ideas of what I should look at next would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Considering what has been replaced up to this point …
    I would start by attempting to isolate where the pressure is going.
    I would first test the output of the fuel pump with a gauge as close to the pump as possible to ensure your replacement pump can actually deliver the correct PSI.
    From there work my way forward towards the engine, IE. just before the fuel filter them after it. Then before the fuel pressure regulator and then after.
    At some point, if the fuel pump is producing the correct output pressure, you’ll see the drop off.
    It could be a faulty component, or perhaps an internal blockage.

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