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98 Integra B18B1 No Start and Run DEAD!

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    My Integra daily driver totally quit on me! 314,000 on the clock. Been running this thing for a couple of years now after I fixed a bunch of issues. A couple of bad sensors, replaced the CAT with a Walker aftermarket. Water pump and new timing belt. Checked the valve clearance and they were all good within spec.

    Late winter this year driving to work one morning the thing start running bad, power dropped off and I barely made it up a not so steep hill. Made it to my parking spot and went into work. On break I went out and fired it up and it seemed to run OK until it started warming up and exhibited the same symptoms as that morning. Leaving work same thing, started up but as soon as it started warming up it went to missing and would barely pull itself away from a traffic light and had to wined it up through the gears and nurse it back to the house. Switched to my other vehicle for the rest of the week. That Saturday I got it running, took it for a short drive and still the same. No power. Back to the house I started looking over a few thing. Popped the distributor cap off looking for corrosion which I had had problems with before and found no issue. Also seemed to be getting fuel. Pulled the fuel pressure regulator out of the rail and found some pressure in there and fuel, but I don’t know how to check for proper pressure. Went out to mess with it the next day and this time it would not start at all. Nothing. So I have just left it in the driveway now for a couple of months.

    So now I need to get on with trying to figure this thing out. At no time has it thrown any OBD Codes which I find odd because the thing will throw something at me if I fart inside the car. After about a year it started throwing CAT codes at me again. I’d just clear and keep going. It’ll go another month and throw the CAT code again.

    Started thinking the CAT may have nuked itself and clogged up the exhaust. Cut it loose from the header pipe and still no start so it isn’t clogged. Pulled sparkplugs and cleaned them but no apparent fouling seems it has a good hot spark. OEM Honda distributer cap has no corrosion inside. Seems to have compression. I smell gas coming out of there when I spin the motor over. Fuel pump runs and have 40 to 42 PSI of fuel pressure. Exhaust header still disconnected from the CAT.

    At this point it has to be something with the fuel delivery. Maybe pull the fuel rail and check if the injectors are firing? Like I said I’m smelling gas coming out of that open sparkplug holes. Could be something else. The thing ran fine until it didn’t! I am stumped?????

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    Rahul JonesRahul Jones

      Is the ignition timing correct? Does it have a vacuum timing advance? Does that hold vacuum and switch rotor angle?

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