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    Hello, so I’m having trouble trying to diagnose a no start condition with my sons Acura Cl. We recently pulled the motor and transmission out as we needed to have the transmission rebuilt. While out, we went ahead and cleaned up the engine, and replaced all gaskets and seals, timing belt, water pump, and timing tensioner. Unfortunately the car sat for about 6 months waiting on the transmission to rebuild his transmission. Once we got it back and got everything together, we noticed we had no fuel going to the engine.(Verified by not being able to hear the pump kick on, and removing fuel filter connection to see no fuel coming into the filter from the tank. We replaced the pump and now have fuel going to the engine. Then we realized we have no spark as verified by inline spark test light. I checked the resistance on the ignition coil and the secondary circuit was within spec, but the primary was at 1 ohm(spec is .34-.42ohms). So I replaced the coil but still have no spark. My Haynes manual does not show a way to test the ICM in the distributor. But I do have voltage going to the blue and ylw/blk wires that go to the ICM. Is there a test I can do to elimate that as a problem? I also have power going to the center pin on the inside of the distributor cap. But I have not checked it while cranking, just ignition on. I’m also wondering if my rotor is not contacting the contacts on the cap? I recently replaced both from my local auto parts store.

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