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      I recently got my first car, so I think it’s high time I looked into getting some maintenance and repair tools rounded up. I’m not extremely knowledgeable of automotives, but I definitely want to change that. I already know I have a CV replacement in the foreseeable future, and I’m sure I’m going to run across another item or two the seller “forgot” to mention. With that being said, I have a few questions. First, having next to no tools right now, would I be better off getting a more expansive set like the Craftsman 309 piece set or the Harbor Freight 301 piece set, or would I be better off focusing on just metric tools? What are your recommendations for driver sets (screws, torx, hex, etc.). Is it reasonable to go a little cheaper on things like o2 sensor sockets and spark plug sockets, or is better to bite the bullet? Any recommendations for entry level torque wrenches? And finally, what other commonly used tools am I forgetting?


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        [quote=”kgallich” post=87122]Buy gear wrench ratcheting box wrenches, money well spent. [/quote]

        For my money, I like my DeWalt ratcheting combination wrenches. I still kick myself sometimes for losing the 15mm. I replaced it with a similar Gear Wrench wrench, and it’s just not as nice IMO. $100 for a full metric set, every size from 10mm to 19mm. In one case, the 10mm was able to get into a spot and get the job done where another tech’s ratcheting Blue Point couldn’t. 😀 A lot of folks don’t know that DeWalt makes hand tools now, but they’re another good brand to look into. Every one I’ve bought has saved my backside at one point or another. Sure wish they were making hand tools when I was buying a lot of mine!


          could also go with tool sets from local auto parts store. especially if its closer to you rather than sears, or home depot. but, before you buy always make sure they are lifetime warranty. you WILL break a tool at some point, it would just be nice to swap locally. l have sears about 20 minutes away, lowes also, about 45 for harbor freight, home depot. thats why l say part store

        Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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