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    christina egurolachristina egurola

      1995 Chevy Silverado K1500 5.7 engine.
      First question, A/C climate control is not working properly, it has 2 connections in the back and pretty puck impossible to find, can I rewire the A/C system to the single connection that I can find easily? A/C works great, but controls do not work properly, the air blows everywhere not just feet or head settings and high does not work either, when the control works. I can wiggle the wires and it will work but then stop.

      Second, my OBD1 code reader is not connecting, wires are good, but when I drive the truck, the service engine comes on and there is hard shifting, transmission fluid is good. Times that I have driven it, after about 40 minutes of driving, it has died and I cannot start it back up until it cools down. I have done the paperclip method and got the 12 flash.

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        To your first question:
        Do you know for certain what is the issue?
        Is it the wiring?
        Is it the conrol panel?
        Is it a pin fitment issue?
        You’ll need to narrow down the possibilities.

        To your second question:
        Have you used that specific scanner on that vehicle before or is this the first time?
        Are the connections clean
        Is the OBD1 vehicle connector wires firmly in place in the connector?

        christina egurolachristina egurola

          A/C- seems to be the connections to the whole control panel. I wiggle wires and it will work, hit a bump and it stops working, seems like the fittings are loose. I have tried to look for it, but it is always discontinued

          This is a new OBD1 reader, have not had one before. the connections are firm and in place and clean.

          Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

            If itppears to be a loose connection, I would try what ever to remedy that issue before hacking into the wiring and changinging the switch.

            Might try a different MFG code reader

            christina egurolachristina egurola

              I have tried to fix it, but not luck whatsoever.

              suggest a reader? I have the Innova brand with the interchangeable connectors.

              Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

                I don’t work much with OBDI.
                My suggestion would be to do a review search for that specific OBD with in your budget.

                Sam RoodmanSam Roodman

                  1995 GM vehicles generally were using ALDL as its OBD1. There are a few in the 95 family (Camaros I think) that were early version of the OBDII connector, yet still spoke ALDL. Typically you can use a paperclip to pull the codes on those vehicles, but if you wanted more specialized data things usually you needed a snapon brick with the appropriate cartridges or some form of the Auto-Xray (For my 91 chevy, I had an Auto-Xray 240; Old I know, but with the right cable/code it could do Dodge, GM, or Ford)

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