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Ac stopped, low side high, no compressor

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    Andrew Kairis
    Andrew Kairis


    Wifies 2011 rogue had the ac quit working as she was stomping on it to merge.

    When I turn on the AC, the cooling fans turn on immediately, the compressor does not.

    The compressor turns by hand, not freely but not too too hard.
    I was about to change the clutch because I could smell something burning when I looked after right she got home, then checked Eric’s video and called a mechanic, both told me to check for leaks first.

    I see dye inside the fitting for the low side, I hooked up a recharge kit, the low side is off the chart, 150psi.

    Just for some kind of base I also hooked it up to My car and with engine off, it read like 125psi. So… Don’t know if both are overcharged or I got a bad guage or what.

    Please can you help me not blow some unknown sum of money…

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