Acura Integra P0441 Code


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    Francisco Escalera
    Francisco Escalera

    Hello All,
    I have an 1998 acura integra with the P0441 EVAP incorrect Purge flow I am unable to reolve the issue. I aleeady replaced the evap canister purge valve, the EVAP purge control solenoid, and all the vacuum hoses. I also already tested the solenoids voltage and actuated the solenoids by grounding them. Also one thing I did notice that when I tighten up the gas cap real tight the check engine light takes a little longer to come back on about 50 miles, I also have already replaced the gas cap as well with no change. There is no noticable issue with the performance of the vehicle but for smog purposes in california I need to habe the chexk engine light off. And thanks in advance for all the help I am lost now with this issue I have exhausted every possible solution.

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