Acura tl not in time


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    Brendan LaBelleBrendan LaBelle

      So the other week I was driving going 40 in 4th gear and the car just died it is a 2005 Acura tl and we ran the codes and got a camshaft position sensor intermittent, so I ordered the parts and new timing belt etc, and as we’re trying to put the engine in time the crank will be at say about 5 o clock to make BOTH cams be at tdc, when the crank is at tdc the cams are at #6 and #2, so my question is am I missing something or is it really out of time and if it is why would the two cam gear still be in time but not the crank did it just jump at the crank or something? Should I put them both in time with timing belt removed and put it back together?

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