Acura TSX alternator

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      I’ll summarize the issue. I have a 2008 acura tsx. In 2016 I started getting the “check charging system” light. At the time I was working too much so I took it to the shop and they replaced the alternator and battery. The light went away and everything was fine. Fast forward to 2017 I start getting the light again. This time I am free. I notice that my steering pump (located right above the alternator) is leaking fluid right onto the alternator. Oof! So I end up need to replace the pump and alternator (I do this myself and yes I am very comfortable working on my own car.) Everything works well.
      Fast forward 2020. The stupid charging system light. This time I blame it on the alternator (car quest part). I get the acdelco, replace it, and call it a day. Now, 1 year later the charging system light is back. I should be clear the light is intermittent. It flashes for 0.5 seconds maybe every other day. So right now everything is fine but I fully expect it to give out in the next six months. The alternator is still in warranty so i can get a new one and replace it (again), but I know (or hope?) there is some underlying issue I can fix. I figure 4 alternator in 5 years is way too many. I know my pump no longer leaks on the alternator and I have no clue what could be causing it. Any recommendations?


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