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    lothian mcadam

    I own a 17yo Craftsman air compressor (model: 919167240). It operates perfectly.

    Owners of this compressor are supposed to drain accumulated water from the tank after each use to prevent internal rust. Rust potentially weakens the tank walls and that creates the very real risk of explosive decompression.

    Admittedly, I drain the tank only intermittently, and only when the schloshing of water within the tank reminds me that this minor maintenance item is overdue. I realize this is a bad policy in light of the previous paragraph. I also have never used an air dryer with the thing. I am a bad owner.

    So now I’m pondering the following…
    Given the age of this compressor, given the less-than-idea maintenance by yours truly, and given the consequences should those two facts conspire, is it prudent to replace the thing?

    I’ve since bought an air dryer (after 17yrs without). I’m curious if an air compressor specific rust inhibitor commercial product exists explicitly for this issue.


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    dolan jasons
    dolan jasons

    Hello. First of all I’m sorry to bring this up again but I also own the craftsman air compressor. Im having a problem with the battery. How do you treat him about discharge? I’m wondering about this.

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