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Airbag SRS control unit disconnect & reset

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    James DM
    James DM

    I need to reset or replace the SRS control unit. In the repair manual it says to unplug both seat belt tensioner connectors and both seat belt buckle tensioner connectors before unplugging the 3 main connectors at the control unit.

    1) Is this really necessary, or is it overkill? Is there really a risk if I don’t disconnect all 4 tensioners at their base before disconnecting the main harness connectors at the control unit? Seems kind of redundant to disconnect the same harness at both ends just to replace the box on one end… I don’t really feel like removing all that trim along the floor and B pillars if I don’t have to.

    2) Also, any thoughts on whether it’s safe/reliable to have a SRS unit reset (after airbag deployment) versus buying a new one from the dealership? I’ve seen a few services online such as and I called a few body shops around town to ask their thoughts, and answers were all over the board – from “yes all the time” with 1 shop (although their reset co. is local and only deals w/body shops so I’m out of luck), to “never hear of that”, and everything in between. states they’ve been around since 2006, and I’ve seen them mentioned on different websites here & there, so maybe they’re legit? I can’t help but think in the back of my mind “will airbags deploy again in the event they’re needed, with a reset box?”. It seems like it’s a simple enough process, so there shouldn’t be too much to worry about in theory, but I’m not sure. You send them the unit, they do the reset (clear the hard codes stored in it) and send it back, all for around $60 – versus $400 from dealer + reprogramming.

    Thanks for any input!

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Answer to question 1
    There is a reason for disconnecting in the order recommended.
    Most likely to prevent triggering an airbag.
    ” I don’t really feel like removing all that trim along the floor and B pillars if I don’t have to.”
    Well how would you feel if done incorrectly causes a airbag to be deployed.

    Answer to question 2
    There are shops that do airbag module resets ( providing that the module can be reset and doesn’t require to be replaced )
    Is it worth taking the chance?
    Only you can answer that question.
    You might try researching reliability on reset airbag modules and such to see if there is a trend.
    Ultimately is will come down to you and what you feel safest doing where it concerns you and your passengers.

    James DM
    James DM

    @richard – thanks.

    For 1), I wasn’t sure b/c the same manual also says to remove the entire center console to get to it, but in reality, just removing the side kick panels is all that’s needed. I also called a body shop in town who told me it was way overkill to unplug. But I figured if someone knew you had a better chance of winning the lottery than setting off the airbag, I’d probably be ok with those odds. But, yeah, that would suck to have them deploy!

    On 2), I can’t really find too much info on their reliability/safety, I was hoping someone who’s had a lot experience with that kind of svc might be able to enlighten me a little more. I will definitely need to feel real confident about it to go that route, though…don’t want to take chances on something like airbags.

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