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      OK now i have a alarm that i do not have a key fob for and i don’t want it in my car how can i take it out or should i have some one do it for me but i do want to put one in later and should i just leave it in in tell i want to install it and i don’t know a lot about alarms help.

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        Hi raceking1324,

        Happy Friday! A couple questions to help going forward.

        1. What vehicle are we dealing with?

        2. Is the alarm in your car factory installed, or an aftermarket?

        Looking forward to your reply. Keep us posted.


          91 explorer and aftermarket


            Raceking, Sorry to tell you, but my answer is: It depends. I would say you need to look at how the alarm is currently installed. If it is a nice installation (professional and neat) you may be better off leaving it alone. I am assuming you can turn it off so it doesn’t work at all. If it has an ignition kill or starter interrupt and it is a terrible install, it may be wise to remove it. If you do not know how the alarm works and it does have a ignition kill or starter interrupt, it would be a good idea to have a pro remove it so the car will be reliable after the work is done. Much of what needs to be done depends if you can recognize what is part of the aftermarket alarm and what belongs in the car as OEM equipment. If you can determine the difference, the next problem is how do I put the wiring back to the original configuration. I used to work in the industry and i have seen thousands of dollars of electrical damage done by inexperienced people. See “Dont Make My Life More Difficult” video on the ETCG-1 site. Imagine what was done to that car, being done to your car’s electrical system. You get the idea? The problem with electrical is you usually only get one chance to get it right. If you do it wrong, something will usually “fry”. (FRY is the industry standard term for you burned something up). Replacing the damaged part is usually much easier than determining what part burned up. Hopefully is wont be an entire wiring harness. Again, sorry for my answer. –Gen3

            EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

              Actually I think Gen3 did a great job answering this one and I really don’t have anything else to add. Well done Gen3 and good luck raceking1234.


                ok gonna throw my 2 cents in here… i personally would just take the vehicle to an alarm installation shop or something similar and have them take a gander at the system…. maybe they can identify the brand or type and such and who knows maybe they could even provide you with a replacement fob…. it couldnt hurt to just have someone take a lookgood luck and hpe you get it figured out


                  Well, all you have to do is look at the connections to see whether it was done neat or not. You are looking for whether the installed wirings were loom back close to OEM look. The connections, are they solder with heatshrink or nasty melted electrical tape. If they used electrical tape, did you use plastic tie wrap to secure the tape over time? If I were you, the car is fine with the alarm disabled, leave it alone. If you decide in the future to have another alarm system install, then it can be removed at the same time. No point in spending twice.
                  Unlike you, I have to buy and wire in my new alarm and I have never done one before. A month ago the thief broke into my car and took my 2 amps and sub. The good thing is no damage, it’s like no one broke in. Not a single mark. I am thankful for that but now I think an alarm would have prevented it. So now that my brain is filled up with knowledge for car security, I am having trouble picking out a system. Problem is my alarm won’t have warranty b/c I am not a certified installer. Well as long as it works. I just don’t have $400 for a stealth install when I can take my 3 days to do it.

                  Good luck bud.

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