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    Jessica SmockJessica Smock

      I have a 2011 Dodge Avenger express 2.4l 2wd and I am currently at a complete loss of what is wrong with this dang thing. My father used to be a mechanic and seems to have forgotten a lot after things got to digital/electronic. My car occasionally makes some horrendous grumbling sounds which my dad seemed positive it was coming from the muffler and after replacing it today he later discovered that the original was NOT rotten internally so now I am out $140 and still having problems. It only makes the noises while idling and randomly however becoming more frequent. I have not encountered anyone else with a similar issue and my code scanner is only popping up with codes relating to a possibly bad 02 sensor or sensor wiring. It throws both lean and rich codes at the same freaking time and everything else seems okay but sometimes when making the sounds that I often hear towards the drivers side front under hood it almost even sounds like a light grinding at times.. please help me out anyone who might have any advice on things I should check

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      Billy AndrewsBilly

        What codes?

        A video of the noise might help.

        Jessica SmockJessica Smock

          Problem has been resolved it was something very simple that just made a bunch of noise. Exhaust system was bouncing off the bottom of the vehicle due to misalignment of hangers which damaged an 02 sensor so both issues figured out thank you

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