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Best brand for impact swivel sockets ?

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    Ole EggersOle Eggers

      After seeing Eric use them ( for some reason, I´ve never seen them here in Denmark ) I really want a couple of sets of these, but there seems to be several manufacturers. Now, which one to choose ? They all seem just about the same price tag, save for a brand called PRO Radius. IMHO, any brand that uses the self proclaimed PRO as part of their name, probably isn´t. I´m looking for 1/2″ and 3/8″ sets in metrics.

      I´ve come across Genius Tools ( )
      and Sunex Tools ( ) and ofc Snap-On ( )

      But are there others less expensive that will do the job and keep on doing it, or are these just the best there is ?

      What are your experiences ?

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        I bought some JET ones years ago, they did OK. But eventually the swivels started to bind up and once I got proper air tools a couple of them quickly came apart. I then forked out several hundred dollars for a Snap-On set and haven’t looked back. If you do some research you might find that a few of the brands will be using old designs from “premium” manufacturers.

        Unless you’re working on heavy equipment, you probably don’t need a 1/2 drive set. 3/8 sets go up to 19MM, so even if you have one or 2 applications where a 21 or 22MM (for example) will help, you’re probably better off just buying a couple of single sockets.

        If you can get your hands on one brand easier than others, you might be better off trying those first as import charges can be killers. If they brake, replace them with the more expensive ones.

        Ole EggersOle Eggers

          While I don´t exactly work on heavy equipment, most cars here in Denmark is rusting pretty badly due to weather and the use of salt on the roads.
          I therefore need a set in both 1/2 and 3/8 in metrics.

          Beside the brands already mentioned, I see some here is getting Grey Pneumatic ( ) equipment.

          I´m also not interested in buying cheap stuff first and then more expensive ones later. Nothing frustrates me more, than using tools that barely does the job, splits apart or lets go in a critical moment, because my experience tells me, that that is what gets you the bleeding knuckles or severe cuts

          On the other hand, while Snap-On may be very good, I have a feeling that they are overpriced and that other brands might do the job just fine and still last a long time.

          In my toolbox, I have brands like Hazet, Bahco, Teng Tools and Stahlwille. All very good brands, although Bahcos quality isn´t what it used to be.


            I have the matco 3/8 shallow and deep set. It appears to be made by the grey pneumatic company. The sk guy has some on his truck and even in the sk box they are identical to the gp’s.

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            Ole EggersOle Eggers

              Thank you Cammed 05

              I´ll make sure to check out Matco ( ) too, before making a decision 🙂


                To be honest iznogood, I think I would buy the gp sockets before I bought more matco. They’re much cheaper on the wallet lol

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                Ole EggersOle Eggers

                  But are the GP´s just as sturdy and durable ?


                    Not sure. Guy on the sk truck that carried them has mentioned no one having problems with them yet. Use my matco set multiple times a day with no issues though

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                      I would recommend the snap on sockets. I have a set of Mac 3/8 shallow metrics and I seem to blow up the 15,17,18 on a regular basis. I have a set of snap on 3/8 deep metrics that have been taking a pounding for years.

                      As far as grey pneumatic save yourself a lot of money and order them from amazon. They are about half as much there as opposed to the tool truck

                      Ole EggersOle Eggers

                        I really do appreciate all the recommandations here. Thx guys !

                        I also found out, that nobody real seems to sell any of the brands mentioned save for Snap-On.

                        I can find them all on Ebay, but all resellers seems to be in the US so import tax and what-not is making them all around 50% more expensive compared to your pricetags. Life sucks 🙁
                        I may have to contact the various companies and see if I can find someone in the EU who retails them. Sigh….


                          I can’t speak for Europe, but in Canada at least, Amazon and ebay are generally poor choices. Often by the time you pay shipping (especially on heavy items) it doesn’t take long until there are no savings. Especially if or when you’re dollar’s in the shitter.

                          James O'HaraJames O’Hara

                            Snap-On –
                            Negatives – Pinned, angle socket side will go to, depth of socket side, starting to use less quality steel so get worn out faster
                            Positives – No Collar, readily available, easily warrantied

                            Negatives – Not as strong as others (Normally not an issue in Auto but, diesel and up is), warranty replacement tends to take longer, expensive
                            Positives – Same Diameter as collarless, no pin so better rotation and less hopping off the bolt, good amount of angle to them

                            GP (Gray Pnuematic)
                            Negatives – Pinned, Collar, warranty (have to use a distributor and amazon does not count), can not use larger drive size will snap pin
                            Positives – Very durable will outlast everyone else, grabs onto bolt very well good tolerances (not too tight and not too loose even after years of repeated use), good amount of angle to them, cheap

                            I personally like GP but, the collar does get in the way at times. They have worked extremely well for me. I own Snap-On as well and generally the GP because of the angle will fit better then the Snap-On but, the collar does get in the way. Matco’s pinless is awesome but, mad expensive and in the diesel world break more often which doesn’t really matter if you have a truck every week.

                            Isaias AlmanzaIsaias Almanza

                              From abuse on the daily grind, I think the Matco pinless impact wobbles are the strongest of them all hands down (even Snap-On). I have never broken one and I’m still using the same ones I bought 11 years ago. They are not cheap but once a year Matco will do a buy-one get-one free deal. If you buy the 1/2″ drive set they throw in the 3/8″ drive set. The 3/8″ drive set is about $420.

                              I have broken a Cornwel, Mac and a Snap-On. The GP impact wobbles I use are of the 1/4″ drive variety so breaking them really isn’t an issue.


                                Armstrong is pinless too.SK is going pinless and they are in the testing process right now.Talked to one of their engineers at an Auto Value tech show,going back to the drawing board.Steelman has them too,their set up is basically a long extension bar with a built impact swivel in them.I have the biggest Metric set which does have a lifetime warranty,I like them and the set was not cheap.

                                Christopher WilsonChristopher Wilson

                                  I just bought a set of 10-22mm shallow swivel sockets from sunex and i love them. I’ve used snap on as well as the matco pinless and the sunex are just as good.

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