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Bike always runs lean 50cc suzuki carb scooter

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      I am trying to fix a 50cc suzuki carb scooter that has been standing in the garage for a few years.

      I managed to start it – new gas ofc., new spark plug, used my cars battery to start it but also starts with the kickstarter.

      The problem is that when throttle is applied, the bike chokes itself to stall. This shoud be caused by a lean condition, but I had the carb screw (there is only one) all the way out and it improved a bit but it still cannot maintain increased rpm. What could be wrong?

      I also noticed that there is a plastic screw that says “PRI” on it right under the fuel tank where the fuel lines attach, but no matter how I turn it, nothing is happening. What could it be?

      Lastly, i managed to strip the carb screws. Are these extractable? I got the set to drill it out in the counter clockwise direction but i am not sure if it can be done.


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        sounds like a carberator problem… you probly will have to take it apart and have it cleaned… you can take the carb out and take it to a shop like lawn mower shop and have them clean it for you after you get it out… Im thinking maybe the float needle or something like that… you will have to get a rebuild kit and clean out everything and replace all seals and seats in it

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