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BMW X5 E53 2002 transmission failsafe program

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    Hello all,

    I have a BMW X5 E53 2002. A garage recently changed some hoses and expansion tank of the engine coolant system to fix leaks. Also, the valves cap gasket to fix some oil leak. The day after, I got this failure: Transmission failsafe prog, and it’s starting in third or fourth gear. I don’t know if could be somehow caused while working on the engine cooling system or that gasket. If so, what could be the problem?

    I checked the transmission fluid, level is ok, the fluid is kind of brown, more than pink. It has 186,000 km (115,500 miles). I started the engine and took off the port and some fluid dropped from the port.

    I’ve heard these vehicles are very sensitive to voltage issues. The battery has just 3 months, the battery is holding the voltage during the night (canada during winter), in the morning, voltage is 12.7Vdc. Alternator is giving 14.1Vdc (starts at 13.7 and slowly goes to 14.1Vdc). I suspected of the alternator because it’s just underneath the coolant tank, since they removed it, probably some coolant felt on the alternator. Would be 14.1Vdc ok?

    I have seen some videos recommending to check and clean the TCM plug (EGS I think it’s called on BMWs). Not sure if I should mess with that. Besides, I dont have the electrical diagram.

    How should I check?
    If a scanner is needed, could get one, not one like for a garage but something enough to diagnose, probably you could recommend something able to read a BMW.

    Also, how could I determine if it’s a solenoid or pressure regulator in the transmission? Any simple way?

    Thanks a lot.

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