Body aches and pains!

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    Richard RamonRichard Ramon

      Guys, I am a month from turning 59 and love working on my truck.

      Today, spent 5hrs working on removing and installing new upper ball joints and inner tie rods on my 2003 Tacoma. Well I got into trouble trying to press the upper ball joint on the passenger side. I bought a kit and still the bugger would not budge. So, I decided to work on the inner tie rod on the same side and unfortunately I don’t own a pipe wrench and my channel locks were no match for loosening it. Drats!!!! I was losing daylight and needed to put back together as best I could, knowing that I will be back at it again for the next couple of days.

      My question is, why does my body hurt so much??? I realize I don’t work on cars for a living but darn it why is it so painful??? Mind you, I don’t own a lift and did all the work on jacks.

      Maybe ibuprofen or aleve before during and after will do the trick. Who knows..

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      Billy AndrewsBilly

        Ibuprofen before and after is a must. Also thorough stretching, especially the hips and lower back.

        Richard RamonRichard Ramon

          Thank you Billy. I will try that.

          Richard RamonRichard Ramon

            Thank you Billy, the ibuprofen worked great! I was able to complete the upper ball joint and inner tie rod on passenger side and the only soreness I have are my shoulder blades and you said it, hips.

            Billy AndrewsBilly

              Getting old hurts, but we can say pretty much whatever we want.

              Robby BrownRobby Brown

                I’m 42. Did a transmission swap in my carport with nothing but hand tools and an engine lift. I was sore for 2 days. Unfortunately it’s just one of those things we have to deal with. Nonetheless, it’s worth it to have the satisfaction of repairing and maintaining your own vehicles!

                Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

                  I have a few years on you and I can tell you after working on cars for 50 years you learn a few things
                  First, what you were able to accomplish in an hour or two your 20’s & 30’s now plan on it taking at least 2 to 3 times longer when you reach the late 50’s and 60’s.
                  Next, invest in tooling that takes the strain off of you and puts it on the tool(s)
                  Air impacts, electric impacts, 1/2 in drives, a hefty breaker bar etc.
                  Yes, it can get a bit costly but your body will thank you for it and it still beats forking over the big $$$ to a repair shop.
                  Lets face it, even with the proper tooling your still going to be crawling around on the ground, on your knees and back.
                  A creeper and knee pads aren’t a bad thing either.
                  The old sayings holds true…
                  “Youth is wasted on the young” and “it sucks getting old”
                  You do what you can to make it as easy as possible.

                  Richard RamonRichard Ramon

                    Yes, I am learning to rely on cordless tools more often if I can get away with it. The ibuprofen really helped though. Knee pads are a great idea. Used them in my 20’s when roofing and construction. I’m afraid a creeper won’t help; the nerve damage in my legs/feet makes it difficult to get up and down off the ground. Just age!

                    I hope to finish the driver’s side upper ball joint and inner tie rod on Saturday (rain pending). I bought a 1/2 extension for the cordless as the clearance between the forks of the knuckle just isn’t there. As Robby Brown and Richard Kirshy said, “it’s better after getting car work done than to pay a mechanic”. I just can’t afford one these days so I get to wrench!

                    Stay dirty and OLD!!!!

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