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Bought a used car(obd2) it has an (obd1) motor

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    Andrew YoungAndrew Young

      So I’ve bought a used 2001 acura integra ls it should have a b18b1 as far as I know. Instead it has a b18a1 from an earlier integra. The ecu was not mounted and sitting in the pass floor board when the car was bought. I noticed some wires were spliced together oddly right at the ecu, after some research online I found people had put this motor in an obd2 car before and changed the wires to make it run off the distributor for timing instead of the crank sensor. I’ve only had codes for o2 sensor(I know why that is a plug is melted and the downstream o2 doesn’t exist) but another code came up p1382. Now it’s saying it’s not getting a signal from the crank sensor but I haven’t changed anything about that the last 2 months I’ve had it. Maybe a loose wire? I would think if it was wired incorrectly it wouldn’t have ran this long or at all. If anyone knows what I can do to fix this it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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