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      I am replacing a bumper on a 2001 honda civic with a bumper I pulled from a junkyard. it is in much better shape and has a few scuffs on it. I have sanded the scuffs with 400 grit and I am now going to fill it with bondo bumper repair after I use prep solvent and adhesion promoter.

      My questions is once I have the bumper filler on, what do I sand it with? is 400 still good? once I sand it with 400, then I can prime it? once it is primed, should I wet sand it?

      I also have 2 little rust bumbles come up from under the paint on the hood. Is this something I can wire brush off, fill and then prime or does it mean the hood needs replaced?

      Any help or tips on this would be appreciated. I am trying get this and the rear bumper replaced and primed so I can go have the whole car painted. I am hoping to trade I.T. work for a paint job at my cousins new shop, lol. I know he is more apt to just spraying if I do most of the body work beforehand.

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        uselly 220 or so is what you will start with then go up from there… deponds on how smooth it is… if you get some cheap black spy paint you can spy a very light coat and sand it … you will see where the groves are at to sand it more… I would also when your pimeing to get filler primer… its a thicker primer to will fill in any inprofections you missed but you will stop at like 800 or 1000 sand paper or something like that

        Jim SchweikhardtJim Schweikhardt

          I repaired/replaced front bumper cover from 94 Civic that I got at local pull-a-part. The replacement had small crack I repaired with fiberglass body filler (its stronger than those bumper repair kits). Sanded whole thing smooth with 220, painted it red to match. Wet sanded w/800 to remove any high spots prevent orange peel, then clear coated. Looks like new. Can’t tell it was originally black either.

          As far as your hood and those rust bubbles. It’s been my experience that those tiny rust bubbles are frequently a lot bigger under the paint. Remove the hood, sand very lightly down to bare metal, keep area as small as possible and feather your edges. Prime bare metal, rough entire hood with green pad, and shoot entire hood, wet sand and clear coat. (Taking hood off car will make this alot quicker, easier and don’t have to worry about over spray) GOOD LUCK

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