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    [@mods, if this is not an appropriate post just delete]

    I’m a graphic designer and I think ‘car guy’ shirts and apparel are either corny or too exclusive (Ford vs Chevy, JDM vs Muscle, etc). I created a little t-shirt shop using magic internet dust to offer some of my original designs; these are things I’d like to wear that I couldn’t find in other stores. I’d like to offer the ETCG community the opportunity to share ideas for stuff they’d like to wear. I make all the art and graphics myself so the only limit is your imagination. Anything that you ever thought ‘man that would be cool’ but never actually happens, please share.

    I’ll post an image to a design inspired by the Fairmont (and the subsequent outrage over Eric’s choice to use a carburetor rather than direct injection) so you get an idea of what I’m doing.

    Again, if this is not an appropriate for the forums, I apologize. But I would really like your thoughts and ideas on this subject. I have a dozen or so designs I’m working on currently, and will continue to add more based on your ideas and feedback.

    Link to the site:

    Thanks for reading!

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