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    I have recently purchased a remote car starter and about a month latter when it started getting cold (below 0), my car battery started to drain overnight requiring a jump start. I found out that my battery was rated 400 CCA, and my dodge neon recommends at least 450 CCA and considering that I live in Wisconsin that’s probably a modest requirement. So I purchased a new batter at Advanced Auto Parts: AutoCraft Silver Battery, Group Size 26R, 575 CCA. ringtones download However, my battery was still draining at night. I went to a local mechanic and best buy and this is what is known now:

    – With the Remote Start & Drone (thing that lets me use my cell phone to remote start), samsung ringtones after shutting down the car there is about a 700 milliamp load for 30 minutes before going into rest. Then there it drains 80 milliamps.

    – With the Remote Start & No Drone, there is a 60 milliamp load during rest.

    – With no Remote Start & No Drone, there is a 10 milliamp load during rest.

    – With the Remote Start & Drone, the battery dies at night.

    – With No Remote Start & No Drone, the car cranks up just fine.

    Now while talking to the technician that installed the remote start and who is trying to help me troubleshoot why my car is not starting up after a night of rest, the noted that the manufacturing date on my batter was 11/13, which is 14 months old (I bought the battery last week). I went to advanced auto parts and told them that I was relatively disappointed that they gave me such an old battery and that the battery could be part of the reason why I’m not able to start my car up in the morning. They asked me to come back in tomorrow when the manager is in to see what they can do. They can’t do anything tonight because when I brought it to them, the battery tested fine with a 495 CCA and 12.7 V voltage measurement. message tones I told them that it’s probably because the car has been running for the last two hours and that I’m more concerned about the Reserve Capacity.

    My questions:

    1. Is 80 milliamps unreasonable for car that has been shutdown? My battery has 81 minutes reserve capacity according to AAPs site, which wikipedia says is the length of time the battery should be able to provide 25 amps continuously until the battery hits 10.5V. Using those numbers, that battery should be able to easily handle 80 milliamps for over a week.

    2. Is they a way to test the reserve capacity of the battery?

    3. Does anyone have anything to add on how to proceed? Should I push AAPs to give me a new battery? A 14 mo. old battery sounds pretty unreasonable to me.

    Tonight we will let the car sit with the Remote Start without the Drone to see what we get.

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    college man

    It seems like the remote starter is the culprit. You can’t rely on the battery reserve
    to keep the battery alive night after night. keep us posted on the test result.


    Hey just a FYI I work for a car bat Manufacturing com. We have a bat that is older than a year we take it test it and sell them as seconds. If it 14 months old I would try and see if get another one..

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    Nick Wilson

    congratulation you for CAR BATTERY AND REMOTE STARTER

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