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    lyle erickssonlyle ericksson

      if u buy a new battery and put in in your car but not drive ur car is there a chance the battery will not be able to start the car when u finally do power it up? after how many days would this occur ? this happened to me and i want to know if it means i have a power leak or if its normal since the car was not driven for maybe 60 days

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      Jonathon EngerJonathon Enger

        It’s possible the battery could drain enough that it wouldn’t have enough power to start the vehicle after 60 days. That’s a long time. If you are going to have a car sit that long you should connect it to a battery maintainer. ETCG has a good video on checking for parasitic draw. That will tell you if your car is drawing more power than it should while it’s sitting.

        vincenzo masiellovincenzo masiello

          I personally experimented with that for a long time many years ago when i was a field tech and have to leave cars in long term airport lots. More than two weeks will kill a car battery unless a miracle happens. These days they sell little solar squares that you can just throw at your dash (if you pick a spot where there is sun) that works as a trickle charger when connected to a lighter outlet. Otherwise, carry a fully charged lithium battery pack (10-20 Ah’a) with a USB to about 12.5 volt converter to feed the car battery with a few milliamp’s continuously and keep the car topped off until you come back to use it again

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