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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      This is the first of these and I hope to add more. Instead of working through the YouTube comments I plan to start the ETCG1 video discussions here by starting with Cars That Drive Themselves.

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      Roy FrenchRoy French

        Hey Eric, The place I work has forklifts driving themselves. They pull pallets right off the pallatizers and load them right into trailers. They also can stack them in storage
        locations if there is no order right then. There are numerous problems with the system. Robot forklifts can’t tell if a load is unstable and about to fall. They can’t make the judgments that a human can. The result is lots of tipped over and crushed pallets. They also travel at a much slower rate. But they don’t take breaks or need benefits, so they are here to stay. I guess my point is we aren’t there yet, but it’s probably on the way. My experience with these units has made me more aware of how many small decisions and judgments a driver makes, without even concentrating on driving.

      Viewing 16 replies (of 16 total)
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