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      Today, for the 3rd time in my motorcycle driving career an ‘older’ individual pulled out in front of me… but luckily, I maintain my perfect motorcycle record of zero accidents and zero incidences of laying a bike down, but that could have all changed today.

      Things wouldn’t have been so bad if he would have just proceeded to make his left turn, but once he got out into the 2nd of 4 lanes and could look down my lane and see me coming, I think he just panic’d and sat right there in the middle of the lane.

      So, I my mind I’m thinking “I got this.. I can stop this 250 on a dime.” Which for the most part was correct, but it seems that when you actually need the exceptional stopping power of your motorcycle it’s not enough. My front tire I believe was locked up, or close to lock up because I could hear tire screeching. My back tire I believe was able to turn the entire time (out of habit I always use light pressure on the back brake.)

      So, in slow motion it seemed as if I was sliding forever, but eventually arrived in front of the individuals vehicle at (at a survivably low speed if impact did occur) where I just looked over the man’s hood and shook my head. Back in my younger days I would have had a few words for the gentleman which more than likely would have resulted in an all expenses paid night in the local correctional facility. I then backed the bike up and allowed the gentleman to be on his way.

      Here is my feeble attempt to record the faint mark left behind. I thought it would be a lot darker than it was but I guess my little 250 just left a light mark. Extra bonus points if you can actually see it:

      short video

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        It goes to show that you never know when “SHIT” is gonna happen.

        Glad to know that you and your bike are OK!


          I’m glad you’re ok. Someone did the same to me but I ended up dumping my bike and body surfed on pavement for what seemed like forever. Luckily I wasn’t hurt.

          I wished my bike had abs brakes because I’m sure it would have helped me. I wonder if bikes come come with ABS now. I’ve been out of the biking scene for a long time now.


            This is why I rarely ride anymore. I like to go fast and sometimes I don’t pay attention to what’s around me. I’ve had enough close calls to the point where I couldv’e been killed. 😛

            Nick WarnerNick Warner

              Some of the higher end bikes do indeed have ABS now. Still doesn’t stop idiots from pulling out in front of you though.

              I am amazed how some people will pull out of a stop sign right into you even AFTER not only looking right at you but actually making eye contact with you. Almost bit it a couple years ago into an F-150 when a guy did that. The year before that had to go to a closed casket funeral for a friend who laid down her bike on the freeway and was ran over by the Winnebago that she had just passed. If happened fast, I’m sure she didn’t feel it.

              My mom harped on me for years about the fact I don’t wear a helmet. She just retired from being a surgical nurse, so had plenty of nights getting called in for some biker getting helicoptered in. The way I figure, I would rather my head be broken and that be the end of me than the rest of my body broken and my head clear enough to know how screwed I am for the rest of my life.

              What gets to be real fun is riding at night in the country and trying not to hit the big deer with the nice pointy antlers who just jumped up in front of you. In my truck I punch it and try to get some dinner, but the bike sure does change your perspective on that.

              Thomas J AhernThomas J Ahern

                I have been riding for many years. I first rode when I was 15 & I’m 71 now. I have had many bad accidents but have never had a chargeable accident. Every one was caused by some jerk in an automobile (car or truck) I was even pronounced dead at a hospital once!
                I’ve had people look right at me & pull out anyway. All you can do is drive as defensively as possible But sometimes even that doesn’t help!
                I’m in Fla now & the people in autos drive terrible! Irish

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