Crankshaft sproket slipping?

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      My 03 dodge ram 1500 3.7l won’t start. I replaced head gasket, and when it came down to pinning the primary chain tensioner it broke. So replaced that and that’s when I found out my torque wrench was one of a kind for my experience. I was installing the primary to secondary sproket and I thought that wrench should click because this seems like……snap bolt broke, wrench came apart. Bolt came out easy but damaged threads inside did a helicoil repair torqued down just fine. I aligned the timing marks to what manual said. I did not have to move cams or crank for the chain to line up.Did the rotations to confirm still in time. Finished installing everything went to start it and now no top end crank. I turn crankshaft but camshafts didn’t move. My primary sproket went past the key and wouldn’t spin the cams. I took it off put it where it should be and I believe it did it again. My question is there a spacer that the book doesn’t show that somehow came off or is sproket bad? Or do I just need a new key lock for it? Don’t want to throw money at it or waste time taking it apart and same out come. Please any information how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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