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Creaking/knocking from rear – 2009 Ford Focus (EU) – 99,000 miles

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    Hey guys,

    When driving around and putting the car over uneven surfaces, there is a creaking/knocking coming from the rear. Initially I thought it was the right side, but actually I think it’s much more generalised. Anti-roll bar links (solid version) were replaced 2 years ago with good quality Delphi parts after one snapped.

    Bouncing either corner of the rear end whilst stationary elicits no noise. Jacking up one side or the other of the car makes the noise. Turning hard at speed also elicits the noise. Riding the car over a bump evenly (both wheels even) doesn’t elicit the noise. The ARB link bushes look a little misshapen, although the link itself is intact and no free movement. If you drive around for a bit, the noise does appear to get quieter, if you then park up and come out the next morning the noise is super loud again. Had a couple of friends ride in the car with me, and the noise stopped for the entire journey, the drive home without them then had the noise reoccur.

    Visually checking, the shocks have no free movement in the bush at all, and the car bounces once. Handling is intact, springs are intact with no broken pieces, car is at the same height both sides.

    Could this be the rear anti-roll bar bushes and/or links again? I have considered disconnecting the ARB links from both sides and going for a drive to see if the noise stops (or gets replaced with banging of the arb against the chassis).

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