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CV axle excessive lateral movement/clunk?

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    bill tarbell
    bill tarbell

    Curious, is this normal behavior? I’m able to grab each of my cv axles and move them in and out. Doing so causes a sizeable clunk at the outer joint. I know the inner joint is only held on by the boot and is expected to have some play as the suspension moves, but should the outer joint move and clunk this much? I don’t get any rotational click sounds when turning.

    Sorry for the crummy quality. My headlamp was causing some weird strobe effect with the camera, and well, it was dark under there. I was moving it laterally in and out of the joint. Think Shake Weight movement 🙂

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    Rahul Jones
    Rahul Jones

    It is not the in and out movement and clunk you should worry about but sideways movement and clunk. So when you hold then push and pull the shaft and if it makes a noise then there is problem. I wouldn’t worry about this if there is no clicking noise while turning or vibration during acceleration.

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