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    Keith KachelhoferKeith Kachelhofer

      There are occasions where I need to invest time and effort to make a specific tool for certain tasks. Sometimes I make a tool that is an improvement over something I can purchase.

      Would it be of interest to have subscribers submit pictures of the tools they have made? Possibly encourage sketches with dimensions, a bill of material and a brief description as to how the tool was made? Possibly have a dedicated location on the ETCG site where they can get a list of tool ideas?

      I recently made a serpentine belt tensioner tool for my K-Series engine. This is for my 2006 Honda CR-V and for my wife’s 2008 Honda Accord. The tool fits well in the confined space between the tensioner and body frame and provides much more length to get purchase and release tension on the belt.

      In addition, I made a holding bar for the pinion flange on my 1999 F-150. I had to replace the pinion seal on my differential. I did not want to pay $75 on Amazon for a piece of flat bar with two holes.

      Could this be a topic on ETCG-1? I am trying to think ‘outside the box’ and help give you some ideas for future topics.

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        That’s a fantastic idea. There is actually a thread in this forum called “Tool Talk” that I think would be a good fit for this. You might consider starting a thread with your home made tools. BTW, a belt tensioner for the K series is an awesome idea. It is difficult to get in there and you do need to apply quite a bit of leverage on the tensioner to replace a belt.

        I did cover some of the tools I used on Hondas, some of which are home made, and also some of my other tools in these videos.

        It might be time to revisit the topic with ‘home made’ tools.

        Thank you for the suggestion and good luck with your future projects.

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