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      I have a 1987 E30 BMW — 325e
      I have been trying to get it recommissioned after a 10 year sleep. I rebuilt the engine from a longblock and it was running OK – decently even after I got it refreshed. But recently it developed a misfire that I cannot diagnose and I am running out of ideas.
      So, the cap, plugs, rotor, and wires all new. Injectors cleaned and rebuilt. I know there is rust in the tank, but I have cleaned the in tank screen and there is a brand new fuel filter on the car. Fuel lines are clean and new fuel in tank.

      I checked the wiring for the fuel injectors today – thinking I might have swapped – that is fine. Basically, it misses and stumbles with load. Seems to even out at higher revs – but that could be my imagination.

      Thoughts…? Help.

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        Sorry – wrong subforum. I reposted in the reair questions

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