EGR Valve on Toyota Camry

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    I am helping a friend replace an EGR Valve on her Toyota Camry. The EGR removed is the exact same as the new one. The old EGR was missing the gasket on the 12mm top nuts portion, but there was a metal gasket looking on the bottom portion secured by 10mm bolts.

    The new EGR will let me thread the bottom bolts just fine without the top new gasket on. But the new EGR will not let me thread the bottom bolts with the new top gasket on. I am wondering if that is why the old EGR was missing the top gasket, maybe it couldn’t be threaded with it on…

    Does anyone have some suggestions? I tried for a few hours and couldn’t get a bolt to grab the EGR with the gasket on. But I got the bolt to grab the EGR several times with it off. Will it leak air without the gasket? Or what things should I try?

    Thank you for any help!

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