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    Tyron AbrahamseTyron Abrahamse

      Good day everybody. My name is Tyron, and I am from South Africa.

      I am in the process of making my dream overlanding vehicle. I bought a 1997 Toyota Prado J95 with a blown and missing head. I instantly bought and self installed Toyota/Lexus 3GR-FE. I am currently waiting for the auto-electrician and the air-con specialists to connect me up. However while waiting for that, I bought a salvaged Electric Power Steering rack because the 3GR-FE does not have a hydraulic power steering pump, and I didn’t want to fit a hydraulic pump and loose some of the motor’s power. So EPS(Electric Power Steering) unit is common on Audis and VWs, it is labelled: VW AG 6RU 065, and the ECU for the unit is labelled: VW AG 1S2 909 144 P.

      Connecting the unit for power is obviously the VERY easy part, but I want to know at this stage if this unit can run with just the power source connected, will it give any level of assistance?

      Next would be, there are 3 wires which I presume are data black with yellow stripe, an orange with black stripe, and an orange with brown stripe. Does anybody know what these wires usually connect to?
      I am presuming an engine ECU RX, and engine ECU TX and an ABS RX.

      At this stage I have no idea on how to connect things to a MODBUS system, and I just want to have power steering, but prefer this system over a hydraulic system. The reason I never went for the Prius unit is I bought this unit for R700, where as a salvaged Prius unit here in South Africa goes for R9500, which is no. Just no. Might actually be never, out of principle.

      Any way, thank you for reading about my issues. If anybody has any data sheets, advice on videos on the difference in CAN BUS between Toyota and VW systems, how I should go about getting this project done, or whatever, it is all greatly appreciated.

      Thank you so much.


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