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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      This live show will begin 7pm EST 9/7/2016 on YouTube Live. You can click the link on my YouTube channel to watch.

      You can post your questions to this thread and I will answer them live on the show. Even if you’re not able to watch the show live, I will be posting the finished video here after the show concludes so you can see your answers.

      This is the first time I’m doing things this way so we’ll see how things go. If this works out, this is how we’ll do it from here on out.

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        Nici BorkowskiNici Borkowski

          Hi Eric love your show and you really helped me out fixing my car myself and spending the saved money on more parts haha.

          quick question: are you plannig on coming over to europe and look at our technician and car scene?

          To the actual question: my dad owns a BMW X5 4.4i with 335.000kms (208.000miles) on it, due to the auto transmission shifting really bad, a mixture of too early and too late, we took it to get the fluids changed. 2 days later they called us and told us that the car wont start and saying theyre not at fault and it was due to the high mileage, it ran like dream before giving it to the shop. They measured everything through with an oscilloscope thingy, checked timing, compression the checked vanos unit, which is a variable valve timing device and everything was fine.

          He then told us that the cam shaft on the left cylinder bank was out of position, is he telling the truth or did he mess up and just wants to find a reason to earn some money? Wants at least 1500euros for the repair and the car only came in for a fluid change.

          We dont know what to do, thanks for your help


            Hey Eric, I love your show and I always check your channel before doing any job on my vehicle. I have a 2000 Ford Ranger with 235/75/r15 tires currently but the stock size is 225/70r15 tires. I’m going to be buying new tires soon and I’m going for quality. I like how the 235s handle and I know my speedometer is off by a small amount. I need all season tires that will be good during very bad winters. Would you recommend the stock 225 size tires or should I stick with the current size of tires? Also, quick yes or no, is non chlorinated brake cleaner safe to clean the MAF sensor?

            Timothy RiceTimothy Rice

              Hey Eric,

              My Father just purchased a 2001 Honda Civic 4door and I am having troubles figuring out a power window fault. All windows except the passengers work. I found a blown fuse in #22 and replaced it. But within seconds of turning power on, I blew the fuse again. Could it be a short, or maybe the master switch? I thought I’d ask the Honda master! Thanks, and cheers!

              Matthew ReedMatthew Reed

                Hey Eric! Love the videos; you had a big influence on keeping me motivated to go to college (which I am currently attending) to become a technician. Ill try to keep this short for the videos sake. I have a 2004 F-150, 3 inch lift, the tires are 33’s, 18” rims. I recently had the front end worked on. 4×4 actuators replaced, axels replaced, a wheel bearing hub fixed, full alignment, and brand new calipers and pads. If I hold the steering wheel straight, it drives straight, but when I let go of the wheel it pulls to the right. Brakes are not locked, its perfectly aligned, but I cant seem to figure this out. Any thoughts or tips? Keep doing what you’re doing with the videos, I check for them daily; stay dirty. 🙂


                  So i have a 2004 acura tl and i had a new transmission put in after the first one broke and now everytime i drive on the highway for more than an hour it seems like the transmission over heats and slips out of gear and acts as if it is in neutral when it is in drive and transmission fluid leaks out and if i wait for it to cool down it will work again so what do i do to fix the issue?

                  Jackson ThravesJackson Thraves

                    Hey Eric, I’m looking at a 95 Z28 Camaro tomorrow with the LT1 motor and wanted to know your opinion on these cars. Here’s the link if you want to take a look! Cheers


                      Hi eric,
                      I have a 97 f150 with a soft brake pedal. I have replaced the pads and shoes, serviced the calipers and bled the system, still have a soft pedal. any thought on what might be causing it.

                      btw, i also replaced the proportioning valve with one I got from pic a part as the stealership was wanting $600 just for the part, could I have gotten a bad valve? The old one had a broken prong in the plug causing the ABS not to work.


                      Hi Eric
                      I have just seen your answer to the tire question.

                      [quote=”RSchweter” post=174950]The spare tire I have is definitely tube type (as it is on a bolt type split rim) , but I don’t know if the tires on the vehicle are or not. All the tires are around 20 or so years old, and use the old rim size based size system. The tires are all stamped 7.50 – 16 c, which is the wheel dimension and load rating, but the overall diameter is not printed. The wheels on the vehicle all have 30″ tires, however the spare is a 32″ which is what the vehicle was designed for. The problem I’m running into is trying to figure out what the tire size is in the modern notation; I’ve called Land Rover, and they have no information going back that far, and I stumped a Goodyear representative who I spoke to. Also the few conversion charts I’ve been able to find online don’t go up to tires as big as mine. Do you have any information on how to convert the sizing systems?[/quote]

                      I had a few issues myself looking tor tires. I was trying to change the rim size so I had to look for different tire size.
                      What I found about tire sizes is:
                      The first number is the tire width in milliliters
                      The second number is the aspect ratio of the sidewall (So 50 means the sidewall will be half the tire width)
                      And the last number is wheel diameter in inches

                      Hope this helps calculating the tire size.


                      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

                        Here’s the first live show I’ve done this way. Sorry I didn’t get to all of your questions. There’s still the forum and the next live show.

                        Thanks for watching and participating!

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