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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      You can post your questions to this thread for tonights show. It’s another AMA so feel free to ask things other than automotive questions. I’ll answer as many questions as I can during the show. Once the show concludes I’ll post the video to this thread a lock it down until the next show in 2 weeks where a new thread will be created.

      The earlier you post, the more likely you’ll get your question answered.

      See you tonight!

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        Love your work! Congrats on the new truck!
        I have what may be a simple issue but has stumped everyone for a long time:

        1997 Mustang GT – 4.6L – 300K miles (yes, 300K on the original engine/trans) – COMPLETELY stock! (yes as unbelievable as that is on a 90’s Mustang)

        PROBLEM: It has a spark-knock (pre-detonation) issue pretty much since the early 2000’s. It will not run on regular unleaded gas without spark-knocking, especially when putting it under a heavy load (pulling hills, etc).
        I took it to Ford who said the ECM was reading octane levels at 93 so they re-flashed it back to 86. This fixed the problem for about 2 weeks, then the spark-knock was back. I have confirmed the correct temperature spark plugs were installed (OEM), otherwise I have been running high-octane (93) gas nearly its entire life to combat the issue. Also, there is no knock sensor on this car.

        Other than that, it has been a great car and was my daily driver through my 20’s and 30’s. Now that I am in my 40’s it is my project car BUT the spark-knock issue always bothered me.

        I have had a wild idea that there is a lot of carbon build-up causing higher compression ratios in several of the cylinders but that’s a stretch, I know.
        Have you ever heard of this issue? Any other ideas?

        Many thanks and keep up the good work!

        Atlanta, Georgia

        Rick CropperRick Cropper

          Hey Eric –

          I have this ’89 Sterling 827 SL. It is mechanically an Acura Legend (4 door).

          The car has sat in a covered car port since 1998. It is in pristine condition other than the fuel system. The tank is going to need replaced or cleaned. Being as you are very familiar with these cars I was hoping you could tell me if a Legend tank would fit? According to the documentation I’ve found the Sterling has a 1 gallon smaller tank, but maybe that’s a documentation error.

          Also the fuel pump assembly is pretty sad. Here’s some pics of it – can you tell if this would be the same as a Legend?

          Hit me up if you are interested in the car. It has less than 18,000 original miles. Absolutely flawless and here in Oregon – zero rust.

          Here’s some pics:



            Hi Eric,

            I am working on a 03 Acura CL-S, with a sweet f’in 6 speed manual.

            Tearing this whole car apart to do a rear main seal job and also a valve timing adjustment. So I have a ton of parts all over and a big hole in my engine bay,.

            All of a sudden a little jingle catches my ear and I find this washer on the ground. It is made of steel rather than aluminum and appears to be a spacer.



              Eric. What can you explain about the TPS system. On gmc,chevy etc they can help control shift points etc on transmissions and can contribute on accel issues too as well as on many vehicles excluding chevy etc.



                Isiah AmonIsiah Amon

                  Hi Eric,

                  It’s Isiah again, I didn’t end up getting an integra after all. I did buy a 1996 Subaru Legacy L sedan with a 2.2l engine. It has 243,000km on it right now and it drives great. I have one little annoyance is that when I get in the car and start moving from being parked. I hear what I think is some break squeal and it lasts for maybe a block and goes away. The brakes don’t squeal at any other point. Should I replace the rear rotors and pads?



                  Oscar macielOscar maciel

                    Hi Eric .
                    Thank you for doing what you do.
                    I have a quick short question.
                    I’m aware of timing belts and they’re usual 100k service.
                    But what about timing chains ?
                    When would you recommend changing them?
                    How long do they last?


                      Hey Eric

                      2001 Subaru Outback’s check engine light comes on when fuel goes below half a tank. Then will typically go out after the tank has been topped off. Any thoughts?
                      Thanks for all you do. You really have taught me a bunch over the years. I really do appreciate it!


                      James KosloskeJames Kosloske

                        Eric, I’ve been a big fan since day 1. My question to you is. What do you think the impact is going to be in the automotive industry after this presidential election?

                        Keep up the good work, stay dirty!

                        Jason VillagranJason Villagran

                          Hey Eric! I love your show. I want to ask you opinion on the Honda’s and Acuras of the older days. I’m 19 and looking for a manual transmission car and I took an interest to Honda’s and Acuras. A lot of my friends told me that their transmissions tend to fail and their synchros tend to wear down a lot faster than other car brands. Did you find this to be true? Would you recommend me getting a Honda/Acura with a manual transmission? Thank you

                          Grant BonnellGrant Bonnell

                            Hey Eric! I’m 17 years old in Columbus Ohio and I’ve loved your videos. I have a 1988 dodge ram d150 that I bought near Cincinnati (specifically loveland ohio). I’ve been having some performance issues, It has a 318 carbureted v8 with a distributor in it. What happens is when I am accelerating steadily giving more throttle then it will hit a point around half way where it just kinda kaputs and misses or something and if I keep it there it will nearly die. I know how you hate it when people just through parts at something instead of finding the problem so I thought I’d ask. I was thinking of replacing plugs, cap and rotor because I thought it’d be good maintenance. I am 99% sure it is getting plenty of fuel because I put a new fuel pump and sock in it over the winter when I had the bed off. Also another thing if you mad it to the floor (not that I do that) it has no problem as in no misses until a little bit after. Thanks so much if you get to this question!


                              Hi Eric
                              I have 2008 honda odyssey the engine sound very quite and it dose run smoth and its very clean car but it’s very bad on gas
                              How can I inprove the gas mileage ?

                              EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

                                Here’s the video that goes with this thread. If you missed this show, I’ll be doing another one Nov 23 2016 7pm EST. Thanks to everyone that posted!

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