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    EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

      I’m thinking for an upcoming ETCG1 video I’ll do a Q&A. I’ll leave this thread open till February 6, 2013 and shoot the video on the 7th. The video will air the following week on the 13th of February 2013. Feel free to ask away in the comments below. I won’t be answering automotive questions BTW, just questions about other stuff.

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        Not automotive? Hhhmm, that leaves a lot of room to be personally nosey. Okay, so how does the Youtube sponsor/advertising thing work and how lucrative is it? ….and if that’s too ticklish how do you feel your art and music background help you today? Did they give you that ‘think outside the box’ perspective to create Eric the Car Guy?


        What computer do you have to make the video editing? What type of video camera do you use? How long does it take to make the compilation of the final video? What programs do you use? Did it take long to master them?


          What’s in your IPOD for music?


            Hmm, How about..

            How do you find working in yellow tinted glasses compared to with plain old eyeballs? 😀

            Whats your favourate car you’ve owned and why? (not really technical related, does it count?)

            Christian HuebnerChristian Huebner

              Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?
              And have you ever been to Europe, or are you planning to do so in the near future?


                What is your favorite genre of music? Also are you still thinking about going vegetarian? (I am mostly vegetarian to keep cholesterol down).


                  If you ever got approached for doing a TV show, would you turn the offer down?


                    Do you follow any professional sports teams?

                    Favorite movie, book, band?


                      I’d also be interested in knowing more about how your current business works. Are you open for the general public to just come in and ask for a brake job or something? I notice that most of the cars you work on seem to belong to you and people you know well.


                        If I’m right I think you mentioned before you play the guitar. I play myself. How long have you played and what do you enjoy playing?

                        joseph bullockjoseph bullock

                          i too would like to know about the vegitarian thing. i have been for years now, doesnt seem like the manly thing now days, but i dont care. my brain works better and i can train harder in the gym.


                            How about:

                            What type of camera do you use? Do you have more than one?

                            Michele PensottiMichele Pensotti

                              If I were Ophrah I’d ask: “How tall are you Eric?”

                              And also: “What’s your favorite beer?”

                              And something very loosely automotive-related

                              “If Dr. Emmet Brown happened to bring a DELorean time machine to your shop to fix something, would you try a time travel while he’s gone away? And, if so, to which particular time would you go?”

                              And, between these two careers, would you prefer to become a teacher or a comedian?

                              Live long and prosper (and stay dirty!)


                              Uncle BenUncle Ben

                                Just out of curiousity, I’m also wondering if you take walk-in customers, or do you only work on your friends and family’s cars, and do you also take referral customers. Seems like you are probably too busy to take on a full “client” base and still keep up with ETCG…


                                  If everything worked out ideally, what do you see yourself doing, or would like to see yourself doing in 10 years? Would it be more like Jay Leno’s Garage, or something completely different?

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