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Feedback on a potential tool targeted to mechanics

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    John CallisterBryant Lee

      Hi everyone,I’m not a habitual user of this subreddit or a mechanic myself, but am working on developing a tool that I think would greatly benefit mechanics by helping save some time and headaches. Specifically, this tool uses Computer Vision to quickly identify bit types and automatically switch to the bit on the driver. Think of it like those multi-colored pens that you can switch colors between, except this is for bits and it automatically identifies bit type for you. Say for example, you are working under a vehicle and need to identify what bit you need in order to unscrew a screw, but can’t necessarily tell and don’t want to strip the screw. This tool might be very useful in such circumstance. I personally don’t know too many mechanics myself, and therefore am hoping that maybe you guys can provide some feedback on this tool. I would greatly appreciate it!

      I have created a Google Form to receive some feedback. This form would take MAX 5 mins to fill out, and could be done in far less. Once again, I would soo greatly appreciate any feedback 🙂

      Here is the link to the form:

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