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      As I got a confirmation and a reply about the 2nd request that I sent via e-mail, but not the 1st, I`ll also post it here (in original form).

      I registered at the forum, but the activation link worked after about
      5`th use. I don`t know if you`ve edited something at that time, or it
      was an error.

      1. When typing the single quote sign on forum (the ‘ ), after previewing
      it shows as a “double single quote” ( ” ). I don`t know how with ASP,
      but maybe it can cause a security problem if it can be used to send a
      function or some piece of code to the forum engine.
      2. I can`t edit age. Is it my age, or my account age?
      3. After editing my profile (didn`t change password), I got an e-mail,
      that my password is reset. Of course it works, so probably the messaging
      system failed here (editing profile without editing password sends a
      “your password is reset” e-mail).
      4. While registering, the javascript could check password/mail matching
      on the fly, and not after leaving these input boxes. After writing the
      first password, I got the message that my 2`nd password is not matching
      (because it was still empty), but after I inserted the 2`nd password it
      still didn`t update (with e-mail it`s not that bad, as you go to the
      input box below, it updates, but to update the password error message,
      you need to click somewhere else. It`s kinda weird, because the next
      step is to hit the submit button, but some people might be like “I won`t
      click the button, because it shows me that passwords don`t match”.
      That`s the only reason why I mention that. I know how it works, but some
      people might not).

      Thanks 🙂

      Note, that I wrote it [I think] yesterday, and you might have changed something already.

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        We are changing things everyday and doing our best to keep up with the issues that crop up, this is our first week live so we still have a few things to work out yet. I appreciate your suggestions and we WILL look into those issues. Thanks for taking the time to bring them to our attention.

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