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    Peter GoslingPeter Gosling

      Hi guys chasing any info on modifed AB(AsBuilt) codes for Fords, any websites or people with information/copys of these modifed AB codes or help on getting acces to them, i want to turn on the Nav in motion i also want the windows to wind up/down from the key fob(ive already downloaded my AB codes from Ford & ive also got a collection of modifed AB codes off utube & FORscan-the F150 & mustang seem to run the same Nav code which i think i can use but the window up/down doesnt relate to my AB codes)Basically im just trying to build up a full & comprehensive list of codes that i too will be able to share on FORscan & use myself +share with others, only catch is im Down in Australia & some of the American Ford codes dont relate to me so thus the reason im Trying to build this data base of codes(the Vehicle im trying to modify is an Ausrtralian built Ford Terrritoy with the Lion 2.7ltr V6 TCDI-this engine is also used in the Rangerover sport/Landrover Discovery some Jaguars(the X type from memory the C5 citreon & some puegouts) i will use FORscan to apply the codes….thanks in advance for any help.

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