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    I’ve been having issues with my 2007 Ford Focus front driver side headlight. The high beams always would work but the regular headlights would be intermittent (normally they would come on and then go off after 10 minutes or so). I did some googling and found the socket itself might be the problem. Here is a picture of the blackened old headlight socket:

    So I bought a new, high temperature headlight socket and installed it. I kept the wiring the same (left to right) for each socket. See this picture for the side by side (I have no idea why they didn’t have these color code the same).
    Note: the left hand side picture is the old burnt socket (still attached) and the right hand side socket is the new one. I twisted and soldered the wires as shown below:
    Old socket | New Socket
    White -> Blue
    Black -> Yellow
    Blue -> Black

    The good news is that my regular lights now work perfectly. However, my high beams do not work. Whenever I turn my high beams on, the headlight simply goes out (odd). I have no idea why my high beams no won’t work. I am fairly confident that I soldered all of the cables correctly, and I wrapped plenty of electric tape around them to ensure that there are no shorts between wires.

    Can you think what the problem might be or any troubleshooting recommendations?
    Do you think that I screwed up the wiring?

    Thank you,

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