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    Stan HoweStan Howe

      Eric, have followed and learned from your videos for years, and just recently watched you video on dropping your ASE certification. My 17 YO granddaughter wants to be a mechanic. She is an honor role student who has been my “big helper” for many years. She is smarter and my physically capable then some boys her age. I know she could do anything and do it well, but if she wants to be a mechanic she should get qualified as a technical service tech that troubleshoots the technical issues in a car. I believe this requires an ASE cert but as an electrician the mechanic trades are a bit of mystery to me. What is her best course? Should she go to college that offers automotive service technical training? should she do an apprenticeship at a local garage and self study for an ASE cert (kinda like i did for my masters license) or is there another route i am unaware of?

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      Alex MckenzieAlex Mckenzie

        I don’t see anything wrong with it, that’s actually cool.
        Did she pursue it?

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