Hard Brakes

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    Sam SnowSam Snow

      I have a 1995 Ford Explorer two wheel drive 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS. Any ideas as to what might be the problem in a brake system where there’s a hard pedal for about a second “ONLY” during a panic stop other than that the braking system is just fine. I have good vacuum going to the brake booster (20 inches) the brake booster one-way valve is working properly. Parts that were replaced were the power booster, new brake pads front and rear, new brake fluid and brakes bled. The only thing that was not replaced was the master cylinder. The problem still exists after the above work was done. Could master cylinder be my problem, I’m running out of things to replace. LOL I would hate to have to replace the master cylinder only to find out it’s something else that I missed. Keep in mind it only happens during a panic stop, I have to stomp the pedal pretty hard for it to happen otherwise it’s okay. I would appreciate your help on this one or anyone else that can shed some light on this situation.

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      Dave TidmanDave Tidman

        Have you cheeked the vacuum going to the booster?

        Not sure if you have seen this, but a good list of things to check

        Sam SnowSam Snow

          Yes, as mentioned I have 20 inches of vacuum going to the booster.
          However, in the linked article you sent they mentioned a combination valve.
          I’ll have to find & check it, hopefully that fixes my problem.
          Thanks 4 the reply and stay SAFE!

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