Hard to shift when hot

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    Dave Deckert
    Dave Deckert

    ’06 Honda Accord V6 6MT sedan / 249,xxx miles

    Slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder replaced, twice. Hydraulic line replaced once with an aftermarket braided line (there’s one intended for one of the Acuras or Civics that fits this car, however we’re back to using the OEM line.)

    When hot, the pedal sometimes goes to mush and the fluid doesn’t completely push the clutch fork. At this time, the pedal might need to be pulled back up. When it’s acting up, the pedal engagement is of course immediate right off the floor and if it too tight the shift lever won’t go in or out of its gate.

    And then at the next stop light it’ll be fine.

    So basically everything outside of the trans has been replaced more than once including the fluid.

    My question is this, could an aging clutch pressure plate or throwout bearing create increased force such that the slave cylinder and clutch master just can’t handle? I’d prefer to not have my new clutch master cylinder blow up like the last one. Those are nothing but misery to replace on this car.

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