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Head gasket replacement or new engine

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      I have an 1999 toyta camry with 227k miles it overheated on the highway a couple days ago and my head gasket is gone shop quoted me 2k for head gasket replacement or I found a shop to do an engine swap for 1300 plus cost of engine should I fix this car or just cut my losses and buy a new one

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        On the face of it, the obvious choice would be to lay it to rest.
        But there are items to consider:
        Overall condition of the vehicle and how well it has been serviced over the years.
        Mechanical condition IE. transmission, brake system, electrical system, suspension, front end etc.

        If all things are mechanically sound it might be worth the cost of the repair/replacement of the engine compared to the expense of a new vehicle.
        The basic idea would be invest the least to get the most out of it.


          Its a California car so the body is clean expect for the paint it is 22 years old newish transmission with like 50k on it 130 on the new engine and the body would have 227k idk for the money I invest i feel like it woukd be a reliable vehicle until I get my 4runner

          Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

            Then you just answered your own question.

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