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    Isabelle C.Isabelle C.

      I made a career change in 2013, from horse trainer to tech. No, it really isn’t that different. LOL. Figuring out a fussy vehicle isn’t that different from figuring out a fussy horse. Diagnose and repair. LOL. I own a commuter car, aka The Divine Miss M., she’s a 2013 Mazda3. I also have a 1996 F-250, aka Little Miss, a delightful diesel. I was working as a line tech until the service manager’s BS and the lack of work made staying there unreasonable. The shop was unsafe, too. I’ve been occupying myself with making repairs to my dad’s ’01 Exploder(no, I didn’t mis-spell it. LOL). I like my Fords, but there are limits. 😆 I had an ’80 short-wide, it was a blast to drive and cute as hell, Big Bertha. I lifted her and had a roll bar, my little redneck truck. :woohoo: I’m hoping there’s someone here that loves the ’70s and ’80s era trucks. There’s nothing like listening to a carbureted engine growl as it comes to life. 👿

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        Cool, how do you like the change
        one thing you might like is that cars like computer change and new things come out and new things to learn…. unlike horses training once you have learned and mastered everything there is not much more to learn or get better at…
        like Im a computer and printer tech by profetion…. like job I go on is completely diffrent basiclly every laptop and printer has the same type of parts but the way you get to them and change them is diffrent for each one… so you have to learn a new skill like every day… even navigating the service manuals are completely difrent

        Isabelle C.Isabelle C.

          I’ve enjoyed the change! I was on so many electrical complaints at one point I did wanna shoot myself! LOL. However, I’m pretty good at chasing down those problems now. I need to get back in the field, I’m afraid of getting rusty and left behind. The technology advances almost at the same rate as cell phones have in the last few years. Scary. LOL.
          I have to disagree with the horse training thing. Anyone that works in an industry has to change the way they do things to stay competitive. I’m still tweaking my horse training skills. My horse gets more educated and solid every year.


            Would I have ever loved something like this 40 years ago when I’d work on my old broke car! 🙂

            Isabelle C.Isabelle C.

              [quote=”surrealchereal” post=171826]Would I have ever loved something like this 40 years ago when I’d work on my old broke car! :)[/quote]
              I hear ya! Fumbling around in the yard, trying to repair a vehicle without having a clue is romanticized in the media. :dry: I learned how to appropriately use plenty of cus words. 😆 Resources like this and youtube are great, I used them at work too. They’re a time saver. 🙂

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