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Honda Element Rear Toe Cam Bolt Bushing

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    Joseph Powell

    Has anyone had success replacing, removing, or just moving the rear cam bolts for adjusting toe? Mine are stuck. I tried pen oil, and impact wrench, and a hammer. I have not bought an air impact hammer yet…

    It seems like cutting the darn thing would be the easiest thing to do. But if I do that, I’ll have to replace the bushing, and that is what has me worried.

    Can I press it in and out while it’s still on the car? That’s really the big question. Because if I have to take off the LCA, then that becomes the other bushing, and probably the shock, and who knows what else, and then do the whole thing on the other side. And that isn’t worth an alignment right now.
    But if it’s just the bolt and bushing and that’s it, I think I’ll go for it. So, I’m placing my fate in your hands. Beat it, cut it, or leave it?

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