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    Jake CassidyJake Cassidy

      Hi, should we only use Honda fluids? I have a 2012 Honda CR-V and I live an hour away from a Honda dealership. I’ve been taking car to local repair shop for oil changes. But I’m not sure they use Honda fluids when they top off my other fluids after the oil change.

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      Mark FlahautMark Flahaut

        For sure use the Honda clear power steering fluid. Not sure of the others though.

        Jonathan GabrielJonathan Gabriel

          Honda power steering ONLY
          Honda Auto Trans Fluid ONLY

          The rest doesnt matter as it gets a lot more simpler with regards to sensors, etc. Typically at those lube shops, they dont fill up the trans or power steering anyway, so it wouldn’t matter if you go there for an oil change and they top of the fluids.

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